Feature Walk Through

Feature Walk Through
November 26, 2016 hello [at] beatdiscovery.com

Introducing: BeatDiscovery

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Comments (7)

  1. Author

    If you have any questions, we can answer them here.
    Stay tuned for lots of video clips of amazing producers using Beat Discovery!

  2. Earl 9 months ago

    when i load up beat discovery, (using ableton) , my instances settings are not how i saved them previously. do they have to be saved or loaded a special way?

    • Author

      If you save the Ableton session, it should recall your last settings, that’s a default for DAWs. If you want to save a specific BeatDiscovery session, click the option button on the top right corner (3 dots), then click > File> Save Session. It’s a good habit to save sessions directly within Beat Discovery.

  3. Quix 9 months ago

    In the event of the application crashing…Is there auto save so that when you open it up again it will have your last session?

    • Author

      Application crashing will usually be an issue with the DAW, rarely the plugin itself. So if it does crash, I would imagine modern DAWs recovering sessions, and I believe that does include BeatDiscovery sessions.

  4. Johannes 7 months ago

    Is it possible to set a channel or the whole plug in to mono or one voice so you don’t have overlapping sounds?

    • Author

      At this time, No. But on the next update we will add a button that allows you to choose between overlapping samples and one shots. Overlapping will be default because it is really useful with melodic loops, especially when changing the pitch while overlapping happens.

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