Beat Discovery

Beat Discovery


Beat Discovery lets you make unbelievable beats in seconds. It’s a secret production tool for some of the biggest producers today.  Load hundreds of samples and patterns in 1 click, and every time you turn the ‘Change Sounds’ or ‘Change Pattern’ knob, a new beat is created.  You can audition an endless combination of sounds and patterns together in real time, and no 2 users will get the same results.

You can change pitch, shift pattern, double/half speed, and change length of a sample for each bank, all with a click on the fly + mappable parameters.  You can create and edit patterns in lightening speed, and discover all types of rhythms that you normally wouldn’t program.  You can even use the ‘Remix’ button to generate up to trillions of new, usable patterns that stay within the genre of the loaded sample pack.  It also comes with the World’s First Sample Pack Creator that lets you easily create your own packs.  You can even submit your sample packs for sale on

It’s easy for beginners & extremely powerful for professionals.   It can be used in production or as a live instrument, and you can even leverage the BeatDiscovery sound combination engine when programming your own patterns externally.  No matter how you use it, your work flow is guaranteed to speed up, you’ll hear hundreds of beats in minutes, which helps maintain your creative vibe and make great production choices.  BeatDiscovery comes with 12 sample packs with over 5,000 samples & hundreds of patterns.

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